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We are a progressive company and always try to cater the all needs of our valued customers. We produce the complete range of the Animal Feed Plants and relevant equipments starting from 1 TPH capacity. Our customers may have various questions in their mind regarding our products and services.

Some questions asked frequently are given below with the answers:

Q1. We have a low budget and wish to have a very small (Mini) plant.

A. Yes. We offer mini skid mounted plants also of low capacity and low   budgets. Kindly contact us for the more detail.

Q2. We do not require the whole plant in a proper way. We are interested in buying only the key equipments, can we get form NPPL?

A. Yes, we offer the key equipments as per the requirement

Q3. If we buy the key Equipments from the NPPL. We may also need the technical help / services for installation and commissioning of same.

A. Yes, We offer our services for the same also.

Q4. We procure imported key equipments and wish to buy all other equipments from NPPL with installation and commissioning. !!

A.  Yes, We offer all the balance equipments and provide all the design and drafting services with erection and commissioning. But we commission the imported equipments under supervision of the engineer of the manufacturer.

Q5. We buy a plant from NPPL but we wish to buy some branded bought out equipments from open market. !!!

A. Yes. Any one can do. But in such cases we do not extend any services during the commissioning or after sales for the subject items.

Q6. Presently we do not require the big plant. But after some time we would like to expand the same. Is it possible?

A. Yes. We can prepare the layout and do the structural work considering the future expansion of the plant. The expansion work can be done without disturbing the running plant.

Q7. After completion of the warrantee period we wish to go in AMC with NPPL.

A. We do AMC for the plants we supplied.

Q8. Can we do comprehensive AMC?

A. No. Spares are supplied on chargeable basis as required for the maintenance.

Q9. Are Spares are readily available with NPPL?

A. Certain consumable spares we keep in stock. Other spares required for maintenance purpose are manufactured against order.

Q10. The spares of other manufactures can be used in your machines?

A. Main machines are designed and developed by us with our own parameters after gaining the four decade experience of the field, so the spares of such equipments may not be available with other sources.